Countertop Materials Guide (Quartz, Granite & Marble)

Here at SamIAm Stone Countertops we have a vast selection of various countertop materials for your custom Kitchen Renovation projects. We offer full custom designs & installation services with a stock of pre-cut tops also available.

A lot of people ask us on a day to day basis “What material should my Kitchen Countertops be?” and today, there are a lot of options: Laminate Countertops, Concrete Countertops, Glass Countertops, Tile Countertops and Porcelain Countertops are some you will see around. But, there are three that are especially popular; and for good reason!


One of the most durable materials to make a Countertop out of, Quartz Countertops are an Engineered Material that can come in a much wider selection of colours, textures and finishes. From luxurious shines to deep polished leather looks Quartz Countertops can even be made to replicate the aesthetics of other materials. The reason Quartz is one of the most durable is due to its non-porous, resin based surface and density.

These qualities also make Quartz a very low-maintenance option in comparison to Natural Stone Countertops.


Granite comes in a variety of different compositions and colours, because of this every Granite Countertop is unique. Granite has a very desirable look and is regarded as one of the most beautiful materials to use for countertops. Granite Countertops being made out of Natural Stone mean they are extremely eco-friendly and naturally heat-resistant and durable. When maintained, Granite Countertops last indefinitely.


Marble, a classic material to make Luxurious Custom Countertops. Marble comes in a variety of colours, textures and veins with every piece of Natural Marble used to make a Marble Countertop being truly unique and one of a kind. The look of Marble can be worked into a very wide range of finishes but is known for it’s unmatched, timeless shine.

Marble has an unbeatable spectrum of colours, veining and finish and has never lost it’s popularity. A Marble Countertop does require maintenance however, and is slightly more delicate depending on thickness in comparison to other luxury options.

We work with you every step of the way here at SamIAm Stone Countertops. We are based out of Surrey, BC and specialize in Custom Kitchen Renovations; from design to finished & installed Countertop!

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